Race Recaps

Race Recaps:

Chicago Marathon, 2010 – My first ever road race. A bit ambitious, to say the least. Still one of my favorite races I’ve ever done. The people- amazing. The city- incredible. The course- flat, except for that one hill at mile 25.9 that no one likes to tell you about. It’s there. It’s brutal. You’ve been warned.

NYC Half Marathon, 2011– My favorite half to date. I felt like a true runner and rock-star for the first 9 miles of this race, when my foot decided to come down with tendonitis for no reason. I still finished and loved every moment of it. A definite repeat-worthy race.

Falmouth Road Race, 2011 – Not my favorite. At the start the organizers are so strict you feel like you’re in a bad high school gym class. The end of the race had no water, a grossly overcrowded finish area, staff that could not direct you to where you had to park your car and a 4+ mile walk to the parking lot. With no shuttles. Overall, I was really disappointed in the experience and furious I had spent the money on an event that was in no way worth it. Going back in 2013 to run with a friend, hoping they can redeem themselves.

Boston Marathon, 2012– The race that wasn’t. I spent four months training and fundraising with the Miles for Miracles team to support Boston Children’s Hospital. Four months of 6am Saturday wake-ups to run in the snow, rain, cold and hills of the Boston Marathon course. Race day was 90-degrees and they famously offered the deferral. My coach and my doctor agreed that because of my asthma and a nagging IT band injury at the time of the race deferring was my best option. I was crushed.

Providence Half Marathon, 2012– Another amazing event put on by Cox Rhode Races. If you ever get a chance to run a race from this group, do it. They are well organized, fun and have great post-race festivals. I was greeted at the finish line with a medal, a bottle of water and a piece of pizza. Enough said.

The Color Run New England 2012– Probably the worst race to-date. This is up there with Falmouth for poor organization. Parking was 10 miles away from the actual race, there was no organization for boarding shuttles, the staff was rude and indifferent to the situation around them. The course was 2.7 miles instead of 3.2 which I find completely unacceptable. If you advertise a 5K, make it a 5K. The color dust is also horrible to inhale. The staff throwing the blue dust was actually wearing masks because it was so thick and the organizers thought this was the best dust to throw at the top of the one major hill in the race. I had to stop because I was choking on it so badly. I’ve heard very few positive reviews about the New England race but other cities appear to have gone better. I’d check reviews specific to your area before wasting your money on registration.

Newport (RI) Half Marathon 2012– Not a personal best for performance, but a great race none the less. Beautiful course in Newport, RI that brings you past all the mansions and ocean views you hope to see. Massive uphill in the beginning is a great downhill for a speedy finish. It was raining, windy and miserable the day I ran but I’m going back in 2013 to run again with my friend Bridget. Can’t wait.

Boston Marathon, 2013- I was a mile 22 when the bombs went off. I won’t get into what happened outside of my RACE experience that day. Organization- amazing. Start corrals- well organized, but it gets congested for the first 4 miles so pace accordingly in the later miles to compensate for that. Medical staff is phenomenal. Spectators are the best and loudest in the world. BAA is an amazing organization. If you’re lucky enough to get a bib, enjoy every moment of this race; from the bus ride to Hopkinton to the finish line on Boylston. I’ll be back in 2014 to get the Boston ending I’ve been training for (what will be) 30 months for.

Newport 10-miler, 2013– Fun race. Beautiful Newport course is part of the half marathon course. Well organized, convenient to park and easy for friends to spectate. Will likely do it again.

Upcoming races…

Jamestown Half Marathon (July 13, 2013)

Narragansett Summer Running Festival Half Marathon (July 21, 2013)

Falmouth Road Race (August 11, 2013)

Rock and Roll Providence Half Marathon (September 29, 2013)

Newport Half Marathon (October 13, 2013)

Cape Cod Marathon Chowdah Challenge (Saturday October 26-Sunday October 27)

Boston Marathon, 2014






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