Favorite Things Friday: Things That Cheer Me Up

Welcome to Friday everyone! It’s been tough, but we made it. Overall, I had a pretty productive week, which is always nice. I ran, I yoga-d, I Zumba-d and I even took the time to foam roll last night. Exciting stuff.

Last night’s Zumba class was everything I remembered and more. Yes, I looked like an idiot because I haven’t been in so long I forgot a lot of the moves. Yes, I thought I looked super sexy at certain points and most certainly looked like an idiot. And, most impressively; Zumba kicked my butt! It’s such a different workout than what my body is used to I could feel my underused muscles screaming with joy. My instructor incorporates weight training into the class as well which I appreciated. Makes it feel like a more legitimate workout to me.

Today is a rest day, and tomorrow will be 19 miles, out and back in Wellesley. This means HeartBreak Hill- again. I’m hoping these runs of it actually do make it seem easier on race day, and aren’t just a cruel torture. At least I know what I’m getting into?

So, where I’ve needed a significant amount of cheering up this week, I was reminded of the little things in life that can cheer me up when I’m feeling down. Therefore, tin he theme of this Favorite Things Friday, I present to you the things that cheer me up:

Jim Singing to Billy Joel: Few things can make me snap out of a bad mood like Jim rocking out to the Billy Joel greatest hits album. He takes it very seriously. To the point where he made us listen to it on repeat during our Saco trip last summer. So if I’m ever in a cranky mood and there is an iPod hookup in sight, you better believe I (not so) sneaky put on the greatest hits and within 5 minutes I’m feeling better.

Puppies: Pictures of puppies, actual puppies, bulldog puppy stuffed animals. If there is a puppy involved, it will make me smile.

This is my bulldog, I named him Bondi. He's a good cuddle buddy.

Reese Peanut Butter Cups: You would be surprised at what has been the one recurring theme in every relationship I’ve had in my adult life (all 3 of them). If you bring me a Reese cup, I will probably forgive you for whatever I’m mad about. It will also make me very happy, and you’ll get all the credit.

Last year when Jim left for Florida my aunt had this combo waiting for me when I got home. The Reese's didn't make it through the weekend.

Yoga: Running helps me clear my head, but if I’m cranky odds are I’m going to run so some angry, angst filled, sad white girl music. I’ll feel powerful and all that jazz at the end of it, but it doesn’t always fix the mood. Yoga on the other hand will always put life in perspective and help me reach my happy place. And for that I’m grateful.

I can totally do that. Sort of. Definitely not on a beach.

Country Music: I’m given a never ending amount of crap for this at work, but I love country music. Love. It’s just happy (mostly), cheery, let’s just forget about life and get drunk good music. Yes Toby Keith, I will lift my Red Solo Cup.

There are other things, but those make the top of the list. So if you’re having a bad week, I suggest you try some of these things out. They may not bring Peyton back to Indy (and you thought you were gonna make it through a full post without me mentioning it?)- but it could put a smile on your face for a few minutes.

What is your favorite “Bad Mood Turnarounds”? Anything I should be trying?


15 Days Down, 109 To Go!

I’m in full-fledged training mode. I have my schedule, I have my planner, Vaseline is on standby and I’m feeling good. Oh, then week 2 hit and I caught the sinus/respiratory infection of the year. Awesome timing. But that was last week, and this is this week. I’m still coughing up things I don’t care to mention, but I’m back at it and I feel a million times better. Sorry for the lull in blogging it was the holidays. You understand, right? As usual, there was lots of food, lots of family, and this year a diamond and amethyst encrusted penguin. Best. Gift. Ever.

Seriously? He managed to combine diamonds and penguins. If that's not love I don't know what is.

After all the cheese, cookies, candy and all other forms of delicious holiday decadence; I’m officially putting myself on a diet. There’s no way around it. You are what you eat, which right now makes me some form of cheese wrapped in bacon I’m sure. Really, I’m healthy. I promise. But none of this can be good for training and getting back to the schedule this week I could feel the grease sweating out of me. And it felt amazing.

Jim left for Florida to work for 3 months on Sunday, so obviously Monday called for endorphins. Lots of endorphins. So after my 2 mile “trial run” back to training, I decided to jog my little butt back into the gym to go to hot yoga. Hot yoga is my favorite cross training. Do it right and it honestly feels like a massage when you’re super tight from the high impact of running. Doesn’t hurt that my instructor is also one of the most inspirational people I’ve ever come across in my life, and when I need a good pick me up I look no further than Chris (forward to 3:05) to sweat it out of me. The woman is a miracle worker. I also indulged in a little retail therapy and bought the best yoga tank I’ve ever come across.

I look that elegant when I'm sweating out grease. I swear.

New workout clothes always make it a little easier to go to the gym. Thanks lululemon. I can forgive you now for the damage you do to my bank account on a regular basis. We’re cool.

After sweating out the fried macaroni and cheese, 3 glasses of sangria and cupcake I had for lunch Monday (did I not mention those?); I felt like a new woman. I don’t think my head was down for more than 5 minutes before I was out like a light, and I woke up Tuesday with one thought in mind: I want to RUN. And that’s what I did. I ran 3 of the most painless, refreshing and endorphin packed miles I’ve ever run in my life. So with this newly refreshed attitude, I am back on the training schedule. 109 days until Boston, I’m ready to do this. And it couldn’t feel better.

Favorite Things Friday

First and foremost…

In case you were wonder- yes i screamed when I saw it. But really quietly so no one at work would notice me sneaking away to celebrate in the hall.

I’m IN!! That’s right. Apparently if you write about how much you hate waiting to hear back, the marathon powers will be sure to send you an email the following afternoon alerting you of your fate. I’m SO excited to be running for Children’s Hospital Boston I really can’t even explain it  (awesome writing skills, right?). I have worked with the Childrens Hospital Trust through my job and am constantly in awe of the amazing work that they do to further pediatric medicine not only in Boston but around the world. They really are an amazing organization and I’m so excited to be running on their team. Ahhh!

Now that that’s out of the way, back to today. Friday.Favorite Things Friday to be exact. I don’t know if you’re familiar with her blog, but if you don’t read Ali On The Run you really should. She’s an amazing runner/writer/battler of Crohn’s Disease in NYC. Love her. Ali-if you see this- let’s be friends. But to get you up to speed on why this is relevant (other than her awesome-ness), she has this great feature called “Thankful Thursdays” that I’ve always loved. But alas, Thursdays are just a little too busy from me to commit to posting every week. Training runs in the morning, work, then class at night. Posts probably just aren’t gonna happen. Sorry.

While there is plenty in my life I’m thankful for, I also have a lot of favorite things. A lot. So, I’ll leave Ali to her thankfulness and share with you my favorite things on Fridays. Then you should share yours. I love favorites. Deal? Sweet.

Penguins. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, if you don’t think penguins are adorable then I just don’t trust you. Sorry. Look at these little guys! Love love love.

This is love. Right here.

Sneakers that are perfectly broken in. I hate breaking in new running sneakers. I think it’s one of the worst phases of training. However, getting a couple miles into a run and realizing that your sneakers have suddenly morphed from firm pieces of rubber to the perfectly supportive yet cushion-y goodness they were intended to be? Heaven.

Veuve Cliquot Yellow Label Champagne. Nothing says happiness like champagne. And nothing says “Big Deal” like good champagne. I’m all for the $7 bottle(s) of prosecco on the couch with my girlfriends, but you save the good stuff for life’s big moments. Graduation. Getting a job. Quitting a bad job. Marathons. Veuve is reserved for the big moments. It doesn’t mean I love you any less strawberry Andre, it just means this is a bigger deal than Friday night pizza (another favorite).

So, what are you Favorite Things this Friday?