NYC Half- I’m coming back!

What’s the best way to prep for a spring marathon? With a spring half-marathon, obviously! Last year I ran the NYC Half-Marathon and talking to the other runners, I realized a huge percentage of them were using that race as a prep race for Boston. NYC was my first half-marathon and I have to say it’s my favorite.


It was freezing and too early for the sun to be up, but I was excited anyways.

Even though last year was unbelievably cold, I loved every moment of this race. Except when I put my left foot down at mile 9 and thought it shattered. For 15 minutes I couldn’t put weight on it and I really thought it was broken. But I’d already run 9.5 out of 13.1, why would I stop? So I snuck out of view of the paramedic staring at me, got a good scream out and then hauled my little butt to the finish line. I didn’t stop there. I ran straight into the medical tent at the finish. Turns out, it was “inflamed, extended tendonitis”.


Sad, sad foot. It's OK, I'll make you feel better.

What’s the cure for this you may ask? Vodka. Really. It’s a legitimate medical remedy. The doctor in the tent told me so. And I listened. We went to “All You Can Drink Brunch” at Bondi Road, I ate a burger topped with every imaginable food they had in the kitchen, and I drank at least 5 Bloody Marys in an hour. My bright red nose wasn’t a sign of that at all, was it?

Ali, me and my "Super Spectator" Caitlin. She takes it seriously. She should have a blog.


With all the wonderful memories of last year, I’m so excited to go back it’s a little ridiculous. NYC is my favorite city in the world (sorry, Boston). It’s the perfect excuse to have an amazing weekend filled with friends, touristy things and cupcakes. Mmmm…cupcakes.

I'm coming back, and bringing all of you home.


This race is also a great chance for me to get the pre-Boston jitters out of my system. I’m sure by the time mid-March rolls around it’s really going to sink in that “Holy crap, I’m running the BOSTON MARATHON!”. NYC will be a good chance to get in a shorter race, see what’s working, what isn’t and fix it before the big day. The one area I really want to focus on is pacing, because I’m pretty terrible at that. I can’t do a negative split to save my life, and that needs to change.


So I’m going to go microwave a Lean Cuisine steamer bag while I get even more pumped about this spring. Yes, that’s right, for those of you keeping track this is about 5 weeks since I’ve had a kitchen. I’m told it will be back by January 10th. I’ll believe it when I see it. Until then, I’ll just keep reminding myself “Free rent Brittany, free rent. “


How do you guys prep for the big races in your life? I’d love to hear what’s worked, what hasn’t and what was just plain fun!