I’m Brittany

That should sum it up. No? Ok, here’s a little more for you…


Run- I love running, marathons, lululemon and all things endorphin related. That does not mean I’m fast, stick-thin or incredibly athletic. Love does not equal speed. I’m respectable, but you’re not going to hear any stories about how my 8:15 mile was just so not keeping up with my normal 7:30 pace.  I run because I like endorphins. I run for the love of it. I run to clear my head. I run to compensate for my love of carbs and cheese, especially when consumed together. Really, that’s probably the biggest reason for it. Side note: If you’ve never tried a grilled cheese with truffle oil, you’re missing out.

Wheeze- I was diagnosed with Asthma at 17. A little late, but I guess better late than never. Before I was diagnosed I was led to assume that I was just grossly un-athletic, but knowing what the problem was made me feel like there was a possibility to change that. Unfortunately, 17 is an angst-y time and you are too strong headed to do the smart thing so I waited until I was 21 to really give this “exercise” thing a try. My first run was a bad Tina Fey sketch. No, really, I’m pretty sure if you showed a clip of the teenage version of her from 30-Rock attempting to run that would have been me. Not pretty. But I felt great. From there I took the Forest Gump approach and just…kept…running…

Eat- I am an inner fat kid embracer. I feel that food is love and I express my feelings by cooking. I believe the kitchen is the most important room of the house and I always welcome people into my home with a plate of SOMETHING. I can eat clean, dirty, skinny, Paula-Deen-Style-FAT; as long as it’s delicious I’m open to it. Unless I’m allergic to one of the ingredients. Sadly, at 22 I was diagnosed with a very random allergy to a protein that cooks out of foods, as well as a gluten “sensitivity”. What is basically boils down to is that I can eat anything cooked, some things not raw, and if I feel my insides revolting against me I need to lay off the gluten for a few days. I’m learning to balance it out.

LoveAs long as there is love everything else will fall into place. I firmly believe this as it has been proven to me time and time again in life. I am a borderline OCD anxiety-level-planner but there are some things you just can’t control. In those moments take a hard look at your life. Focus on what you love. The rest will figure itself out. In case you’re interested, a few of the things I love…

  • Penguins. You should too. If you’re ever having a bad day just YouTube a penguin. Anyone who doesn’t smile seeing that waddle-y little creature; I don’t trust you. Sorry.
  • New Socks. In my dream world I would never have to wear the same pair of socks or underwear twice. Few things make me happier than a brand new pack of duo-dry socks. I always buy a new pack for race week.
  • Reeses Peanut Butter Cups. Pronounced “Ree-See-s”. I love these more than any person should. On long runs I keep frozen mini-reeses in my shorts. They get me through.
  • This guy
Also known as Jim.

Also known as Jim.

Other random facts that might interest you. Or not. Your call. 

I ran the 2013 Boston Marathon and my life will be forever changed because of that day. I realized what and who is important in my life and immediately made a vow to never do anything that makes me unhappy again because life is just too short. By that Friday I had packed my desk at my day job and re-enrolled myself in my graduate program as a full time student. I’m back behind a bar while I earn my MEd in Health Education.  

My first ever road race was the 2010 Chicago Marathon. I always said I wanted to run a marathon and I looked at it this way- If I started with a 10k and hated it I would never build up to a marathon. If I started with a marathon and things didn’t go well, I could work my way back to a half-marathon and give it another try. Go big or go home I guess. As you can see, I didn’t die. Despite the 90-degree weather. Ugh. Even thinking about it makes me thirsty and irrational. 

The celebratory champagne and cheeseburger makes me remember why I continue to race.

The celebratory champagne and cheeseburger makes me remember why I continue to race.

I have an unhealthy addiction to my Nike+ data. I’ll post it, analyze it, obsess over it and complain to Nike+ support via twitter should something not sync. Apologies.


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