Summer Race Goals

It’s been a busy week. Jim’s family gets to town this afternoon so I’ve been doing all sorts of domestic things before their arrival. Cleaning, shopping, cooking, baking, stressing. Normal things when the in-laws are coming to the house for the first time. Yes, I refer to them as the in-laws. It’s been 4 years. His dad said it was official at 3. 

On the running front, this week has been all about finalizing my summer race schedule and setting very specific goals for each race. I’m focusing my summer on learning to RACE instead of RUN. I hear there is a difference.

My first summer race will be the Jamestown Half Marathon on July 13. I had to miss this race last year due to a run in with food poisoning so I’ll be sticking to toast and whole wheat pasta the day before this year. Just in case. My goal for Jamestown is pretty simple. No walking. I’ve become accustomed to walking at all of the water stations during races and it’s a habit I really need to break. During my runs I’ve been trying to focus on slowing down and pacing myself rather than walking when I feel winded. It’s been a nice challenge to add into my runs while waiting for my fall marathon training schedule to start on July 8th.

After the Jamestown Half is the Narragansett Beer Festival Half in Easton, MA on July 21. Goal? Beat my Jamestown time. I never said these goals were lofty, but they are specific and that’s good.

My other summer races are…

– Falmouth Road Race. I’m going back despite my terrible experience with it in 2011. I’m running it with a friend who has never done it before so I’m trying to keep an open mind for her.

– Providence Rock and Roll Half Marathon. This will be my first Rock and Roll series race so I’m super excited about that. I’ve heard all great things which gives me hope it is worth the rather expensive entry fee.

So that’s the plan for this week. Sorry for the lack of posts this week. Life got busy. You understand 🙂

What races are you super excited for this summer?


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