Life Updates

I’m back! Not that I went anywhere, I’ve really been here all along. I’ve just been stressed busy with ridiculous stressful exciting life things and attempting to squeeze in runs during these incredibly stressful exciting life things. What are these life things? Let’s recap…

  • I launched 4 sites in 2 months and that is unreasonable. Work was busy to say the least. But, all are live, doing well and happy to have graced the internet with their presence. Yay.
  • I ran the Newport Half Marathon. I know you were all expecting me to run a recap about the full. So did I. We drove to Newport the night before the race and talked about how non-ready we both felt, how with the house purchase we really couldn’t afford to go on vacation anyways, and why were we torturing ourselves over something that is supposed to be fun. We decided we’d run for fun, not for competition and if we felt out of it we’d walk off the course and hit the nearest bar. Inspiring, right? Well, it appears the Newport Marathon Gods decided for us, because when we went to pick up our packets, I was registered for the HALF and not the full. All my confirmation emails said full. All my emails with the Rhode Scholars said full. Registration said half. We took the hint, ran the half and called it a weekend. Jim killed me with a 1:41 debut half. I’m impressed/mortified.
  • We bought a house! Fingers crossed, we close next month. Throughout the whole first time home buyer experience we learned a lot. I compared the whole process to the dating world. Really, it makes sense.
  • –       You will be asked to disclose more personal information to complete strangers upon first meeting than you tell someone in the first year of dating. It’s like speed dating for gold diggers. Terrifying.
  • –       When there is no chemistry you and the house, you know off the bat and want nothing more than to awkwardly find an excuse to leave and not call them back.
  • –       When there is chemistry, you become a stage 5 clinger pretty quickly. “Who is that looking at my house? Will they like them more than me? I’m prettier but she has a nicer car. Maybe I should call to see if they have made a decision yet? No, don’t call, wait 3 days.”
  • –      Unlike in Sex in the City, you cannot buy a house with a ring. I checked. Not that I have one, but it’s always good to know what you can use for collateral here. So no, Beyonce, we did not put a ring on it. We offered our souls for the next 30 years.

One other big update- I’m officially registered for the 2013 Boston Marathon and running for Miles for Miracles again.


This is the time I spectated the 2012 Boston Marathon after training all winter. Sad face.


Running for a charity as a qualified (or deffered, however they want to phrase it) runner is a completely different process than running on a waiver like I did last year. When I thought about the time and monetary commitments I gave it a lot of consideration. Would I have time to fundraise? Would I want to drive to team practice every Saturday in the freezing cold, snowy dead of winter? The hills. Dear God the hills.

After a lot of thought and self-questioning, I decided that the kids at Boston’s Children’s Hospital are worth all of my stress, free time and normal body temperature comforts. These kids deal with way more on a regular basis and they shouldn’t have to. I’m honored to run for the kids, their parents whose strength is truly inspiring and the doctors and nurses who care for them.

Training officially starts on December 10, but I’m starting a little early. To keep myself accountable, I’m going to be posting my training schedule on Monday morning every week. Even if I don’t have an entry for the day, I’m going to post my Nike+ miles every day. You’ve been warned.

I’m also looking to do 13 races in 2013 (half or full marathons) and I’m taking suggestions. Here is my creepy Craigslist-eque ad: Runner looking for race that won’t mind I’m running other races around it. Nice view. Good people. Post race beer preferable.


1 thought on “Life Updates

  1. Congrats on the house, such great news! You’ll have fun decorating. Hmmm races for 2013…so many to choose. My faves: SF Half Marathon (June 16), Detroit (October 20), Pittsburgh (May 5ish)…not sure how much travel you want to do though. 🙂

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