I Can Breathe!

For most of my life, my asthma hasn’t really impacted my every day life. I wasn’t even diagnosed until I was 17 and at the time it felt like a validation for not putting in any effort in gym class. I finally had a viable reason for every gym teacher who told me I just wasn’t trying hard enough or the overly competitive boy who would yell if they didn’t feel like I was really trying in kick-ball. Come on. It’s kick-ball. It’s really not that serious, I promise. 

When I decided to pick up running a few years ago I never expected to really be able to because my doctor always told me that asthma would prevent me from “strenuous cardio activity” and that I should “stick to the elliptical” or if I’m going to run to “do it on a treadmill so I can stop at any time and sit down”. I think we all know by now I’m a go big or go home type of person, so I took that sound medical advice as “Sure Brittany, running a full marathon as your first road race in 89 degree heat is a great idea. Don’t bother to bring an inhaler, you won’t need it”. But some small miracle I didn’t die, and I kept running.

I eventually got a new inhaler and even went for a breathing treatment last year. Since then, I’ve felt great. But over the past couple months, things started flaring up. I told myself it was just the heat, it was a small flare, it would be fine. I finally realized on Tuesday that my inhaler was probably empty (and likely had been for some time) so I went to CVS on Monday to pick up a new one. Oh, what’s that CVS- you’re out of inhalers? Come back tomorrow? Ok, I’ll just go for a run without one.

That run turned out to be another painfully slow 2.5 miles. I left the cemetery frustrated and annoyed. Also confused because I had a stare down with a Bambi while a smaller Bambi wandered around seemingly confused in the background. I went home and asked Jim if a deer would attack a human. It was a logical question because this deer looked at me like I was dinner. I was then informed that this is never a logical question. In case you were wondering- no, a deer will not hurt you (on purpose).

The Bambi in the back did not seem very smart.

After my near death encounter with the wild beast, I really wanted my next run to be great. So last night I picked up my inhaler, hit the gym, took two puffs and went out to the treadmill determined to kick some ass. And you know what- it’s exactly what I did! I ran a 5K with a negative split and averaged at MPG. BOOM!

That, my friends, is a negative split. Boom.

I started off telling myself that one dose of an inhaler may not make the world of difference I was hoping it would, but to just see how I felt a mile in. I hit the mile mark and I felt just as good as when I had started. I thought, let’s pick it up! I pushed up to 6.2 and next thing I knew, I was drenched in sweat and hitting the 2 mile mark. I had to stop for a second around 2.4 to fix my shoe, but I’m pretending that didn’t happen.  I crossed the 5K finish line on the treadmill screen stronger than I’ve felt in a long, long time. Yes, it was only a 5K. But it’s a 5K that felt strong, which is exactly what I need 6 weeks out from Newport (eep. )

Longer. Faster. Better. Heck yes!

I went home and rewarded myself with breakfast for dinner in the form of an eggbeater spinach and cheese omlette and (white!) toast. Every once in a while I eat a piece of white toast and remember just how delicious it really it. Terrible, but delicious.

Go ahead, judge me. The white bread was delicious.

Did you kick any workouts butt lately? Was it the best feeling ever?