The Liebster Blog Award

Over the weekend, one of my favorite bloggers Paulette sent me a tweet that made my day!

Up until that tweet, I had never heard of the Liebster Blog Award, but it’s such a great idea. This Liebster Blog Award is a chance for bloggers to bring attention to other smaller blogs and help them grow their following. It’s a great opportunity to write something new that helps people get to know what you’re all about pretty quickly. It breaks down to three sets of 11 things.

The first thing each blogger has to do is write 11 random facts about themselves. Here goes.

1.     I have (one more than one occasion) skipped going out to a bar or dinner because a Harry Potter movie marathon was on TV.

2.     I was voted worst driver of my high school senior class. I have improved in certain areas, and probably gotten worse in others.

3.     I wear hoodies year round. It’s August 14 and I’m wearing one today.

4.     My first ever road race was the Chicago Marathon on 10.10.10

Because I obviously can’t pin a bib without stabbing myself.

5.     Every time I see an English Bulldog puppy I try to find a way to steal it. No luck yet, but I really want one.

6.     I have a multigrain bagel from Dunkin Donuts for breakfast every single day. I eat half in the morning, half in the afternoon. Every day.

7.     The second and third toe on my left foot are slightly webbed.

8.     Worst race prep decision I’ve ever made was Chinese food for dinner the night before. Thankfully it was only a 5K, because my legs cramped up a little less than a mile in.

9.     My post race meal is always a cheeseburger and fries or tater tots.

10.  Peyton Manning is my celebrity crush. I realize how strange that is. I don’t care. I love him.


11.  If I see a little old man eating by himself in a restaurant I will cry. A lot. It gets me every time.

The second portion? Answer these questions!

What is your favorite race? So far, has to be the NYC Half. Having Times Square shut down for you to run is truly amazing. I’m also a sucker for Central Park runs.

What is your least favorite race? I have to say the Falmouth Road Race. I ran it in 2011 and it was terribly organized, no one who was working the event could tell you how to get back to the parking areas (turns out it was a 4 mile walk), they ran out of water long before I got to the finish line and it was an hour wait at the start for a 7 mile race. Wasn’t worth the registration fee to me.

Do you have pets, and if so what kind? Not at the moment, but I want an English Bulldog so badly I plan on making it my first purchase when I get my own place. Before a couch.

Where did you go to school? Suffolk University in Boston.

What is your favorite long run fuel? Gummi bears. I put one for each mile in my pocket and eat one at each mile marker. The little boost keeps me going without leaving me with that gross, sugary feeling a lot of those chomp blocks or Gu flavors give you. Once or twice during a marathon I’ll have a Vanilla Bean Gu, frozen if I have a super spectator waiting for me.

Name one thing on your running bucket list. The Goofy Challenge. The Disney World Marathon holds a half marathon the day before the full. If you do both, it’s the Goofy Challenge. I’m thinking 2014.

If you could vacation anywhere for a week, where would you go? Australia. And that’s where I’m going to ask to go when I win my bet in October!

Coffee, tea, or none of the above? Coffee. Black if hot, milk and two splenda if iced.

What sparked your commitment to healthy living and fitness? During a relationship in college I put on about 20lbs, and after the break up I lost 40lbs in six weeks. Neither was healthy for me, but the weight loss reminded me how great working out makes me feel. I started to put the weight I needed to back on in a healthy way, but never again lost my love of hitting the gym.

What hobbies do you have outside of running & fitness? During the summer I don’t sit still. Going to the beach or being out on the boat give me a chance to unwind a read a lot, which I love. I’m an amateur cook though I make a mean chocolate chip cookie.

Why did you start blogging? When I started training for the Boston Marathon a lot of people suggested documenting my training so I would have something to look back at and remind myself of all the work I had put in when training got tough. If nothing else, I figured it would be a fun way to help me stay accountable and motivated for my workouts. Turns out, blogging also helped introduce me to a great community of runners and a support system I may have never known was out there.

So who are my favorite 11 bloggers? I’ll be honest. There aren’t 11 health/fitness related blogs that I follow. And I’m not going to recommend you read things I don’t. So here are my favorites.

Be Fresh Fit!

–       Ali On The Run

–       Meals for Miles

–       MWRun6

–       LiveRunLoveYoga

–       So Just Keep Running

–       Undressed Skeleton

–       Skinny Runner

–       RunPrincipessa

I hope you have enjoyed learning these random facts about me and post the answers yourselves. And if you know about a great blog I’ve never heard of (which I KNOW you do) post it in the comments so I can get reading!


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