Small Accomplishments Are a Big Deal

You can’t win ‘em all. Everyone learns that at one point or another. Lately, in work, running and life I’ve been so overwhelmed that looking at the finish line just seems too daunting. At work I’ve been working on a project for the past year and a half that launches at the end of the month. This means we’re currently in panic mode over every small bug, typo and misaligned gradient that we come across. Instead of looking at the looming public launch date, I’ve chosen instead to look at the staging pushes between now and then. It makes the whole thing seem much more achievable and less panic attack inducing.

In life, I’ve been looking at condos and talking with a realtor and gearing up to start the whole mortgage pre approval process and becoming a… home owner. Even the title terrifies me a little bit. It’s the final sign of real, no-turning-back adulthood. I don’t know how on board I am with that concept. Though I am on board with being able to decorate the way I want and make a grilled cheese sandwich without my mother asking why I’m not having a turkey sandwich instead. Yes mom, I know turkey has a shorter shelf life than cheese. My fat kid instincts just don’t care at the current moment. Which is why when my brother offered to grill last night I didn’t hesitate.

Pretty dang amazing.

I’m taking the same approach with my Newport training. The thought of 26.2 in a somewhat respectable pace is other worldly to me right now. I know I have a lot to work on between now and October 14. If I try to focus on all of it at once I’m going to accomplish none of it. Last night, I decided to give a speed workout a try. I hit the cemetery and put on my favorite running track of the moment.

Not a normal running track. I know. Not stopping me.

As I started the initial uphill my legs actually felt lighter than they have all week. By the time the first track ended I knew I was much further along than I normally am by that point and I still felt pretty good. I picked it up a little more and changed up the route slightly so I wouldn’t know my exact distance at any point. Sometimes with running I feel ignorance can be bliss. If you know the route you’re running like the back of your hand you can tell your exact pace without ever looking at your watch. That can work for or against you depending on the day. If you have no idea where you’re running you have no concept of how far you’ve gone. I felt like if I didn’t go as fast as I was hoping this would be slightly less discouraging.

Turns out, I had no reason to be discouraged. When my little Nike+ lady chimed in to tell me that I had completed my first mile I stopped dead in my tracks when she said my time.


Seriously?? Who knew I had it in me!

I won’t lie. The second mile went significantly slower than the first. I was focused on speed that first mile, not a sustainable pace. This was by far the fastest mile I’ve run (before this was an 8:01) and even adding a second mile on top of it I felt was a serious accomplishment.

Next week I have another speed workout with Caitlin. In her triathlon training she said she needs to work on distance, and I need to work on speed. Together, we will run 5 miles and I will probably die. I made her promise she won’t laugh at me and she agreed. I’m holding her to it.
In the mean time, I’m looking forward to the weekend, time on the boat, time with the family. Any maybe some more lobsters cooked at midnight by my two favorite guys.

Jim and my brother cooking a lobster and sides. At midnight. While slightly drunk. I love them.

Happy Friday, everyone! What did you accomplish this week? I want to hear all about it!


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