Corporate Challenge Day

I’m a planner. Usually, a pretty good one at that. I like to make lists, schedules, track mileage and prep accordingly for all things in life. This is why I’m told I’m good at my job. Project planning and management. I make lists, I check things off. It’s a type-A paradise.

This week was not so well planned. To be fair, it kind of snuck up on me, but now that it’s here I’m realizing just how poorly planned it was. It’s one thing to have two races in a week. It’s quite another to have two races in a week, the week following a vacation that involved very little running; and a concert immediately following the second, much longer race. Oops.

There’s no turning back now, so I’ve been training as normal pretending that I’m just as prepared as ever. Monday night I hit the cemetery and was completely serene for the first mile of my run. I went into that deep thought/day-dreaming type of running where you tend to forget that you’re actually running. Then this guy ran out in front of me to remind me.

We were in the middle of a stare down. Bambi took it quite seriously.

The last time I came this close to a deer was on the highway home in the middle of the night a couple winters ago.  That encounter didn’t end well for me, the deer, or my car. It did make for some pretty funny stories and a lot of Bambi jokes at my expense.

The blood stain on the hood looked slightly creepy. I still wonder what the car parked next to me thought.

Anyways. Thankfully this deer kept on its merry way after a 90 second staring contest and I got to finish my run in peace. It was certainly one of those mind clearing runs that I needed. I always do my best thinking while running. I’m not saying I do serious thinking, but good thinking. This time I day dreamed about the Bachelorette and if Emily and Arie get married how their kids might look. Serious, insightful thoughts, I know. Solid use of 2 miles.

Mondays post was about some general goals for the week, and I’ve done pretty well with sticking to them. Except for the mac and cheese my brother made me last night, but I had a ton of veggies with it so I’m calling it a wash.

Now time for the race goals. Tonight is the JP Morgan Corporate Challenge Boston. It’s a nighttime 3.5 mile run with a ton of local companies participating. I’m team captain for my team and I will admit- as a company we are grossly under prepared. We had set up group training runs for Wednesdays, and if you’re around Boston at all you know that it has rained every single Wednesday except one since April. I guess mother nature just wasn’t on our side. So despite my best efforts, I will not be setting any company goals for this 5K. Here are my own personal goals.


–       Do not walk. I said this on Monday and I’ll say it again. I need to RACE. Not run, walk, take a couple pictures, then run again. RACE.

–       Beat last years time. That was a 37:30. I don’t care if I beat it by :10 or 10:00, I just want to see improvement.

–       Help the team have fun. Not a lot of people in my company consider themselves runners and a lot find it pretty terrible. I just want this to be a fun experience for everyone.

Those are my goals. Now I must return to making check lists, preparing schedules, and my general organization ridden life. Item #1- More coffee.

PS. That “Give up coffee” thing hasn’t gone so well.  Happy Thursday!

Is anyone else running Boston tonight? Let me know who to look out for!!!


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