Favorite Things Friday: Running Away From Home

You ever have one of those weeks that is super awesome, then absolutely terrible, then super awesome again really quickly? That’s been the past week for me. Let me sum it up for you shortly before we get into the running talk (you know, the real reason you’re here).

Friday- Jim took me out for a lovely congratulatory dinner for some recent hard work that’s paid off. East Bay Grill, seafood risotto and 4 glasses of wine. It was glorious.

Saturday: Hung out by the pool for the day with Dad, left 2 minutes before the thunderstorms rolled in, got in a quick 3 miles once they stopped and then went to a lovely cookout with Jim.

Saturday night: At above-mentioned lovely cookout, Jim gets bit by dog. Next 7 hours are spent at the emergency room assuring the doctors that the dogs shots are up to date, Jims shots are up to date and we really just want to get sewn up and go home.

He was a trooper about it

Sunday: Jim was supposed to race, or go jetskiing. Obviously neither of these were possibilities anymore. What was a possibility? Sleeping until 9:30 and going to breakfast. After that, we went to the beach, took a ride on the motorcycle and then had drinks by the water. Life was back to good.

I’m not sure if it was something I ate or a plague I caught while sitting in the Emergency Room (they really should do the whole sick vs injured sides like they do at pediatricians offices so that doesn’t happen to the healthy people), but Monday was spent in bed. I did manage to accomplish one thing off my marathon to do list. I finally booked a hotel for the Newport Marathon. 1 mile from the start/finish line, close to all the good bars and restaurants. If any of my other Rhode Scholars are staying at the Marriott let me know! We’ll flood the bars post race I’m sure.

The rest of this week involved a few 2-mile runs, the latest of which was this morning. For all of you who are having problems with Nike+ lately (like a 2 mile run being counted as a .4 mile run?) I figured out the problem.

That would have been good to know before hand. The new app is pretty awesome though.

While I know switching up my normal cemetery route is best for my training, running past the entrance made me particularly sad this morning. Today is my last hill run until next week. For the next 6 days I will be running the flat roads of Michigan.  The cemetery has a few small hills, but no large ones and I know that running flat roads for 6 days meant I needed to get a massive hill or two under my belt before hand. It wasn’t fast, it wasn’t pretty, but it was done and I can now spend the day working from home and packing knowing this was taken care of.

We’ll start the 16 hour drive tonight. I’ve got a few new books (but I will stop and buy more if you have good suggestions), working on the iPod refresh and I still need to stop at Whole Foods so we’re eating something other than McDonalds for every meal.

I’m excited to run in a place that is still somewhat foreign to me. There’s always something about not being completely used to your surroundings that makes the miles go faster. I think this is why I love to travel for races. As much as I’m excited to run Boston 2013- yes, I’m already thinking about it- I feel like I know that whole course like the back of my hand. I know every slight up and down, each turn and the nice store owners who will let you pee 12 miles into your run. In case you’re wondering, it’s the Whole Foods in Wellessley. Those people are awesome.

There’s just something about running a new area that makes me a little more eager to log some miles. Despite what your parents told you, running away from home is awesome. Just not in the Shaun from Boy Meets World way. That kid ran away at least twice a season. It got old after a bit. Here are my favorite things about running in new places.

It’s the best type of sight-seeing: When I ran the Chicago Marathon I met a girl named Tara at the start line who basically became my personal tour guide.  We ran together for the first 14 miles and she pointed out all the cool buildings, little neighborhoods I wouldn’t have known about and told me all sorts of cool places to hang out. It took both our minds off of the 26 miles in front of us. After the race I truly felt like I knew Chicago. Caitlin and Gina learned about it too, because their feet were almost as ugly as mine by the end.

I’ve been looking for an excuse to use that picture.


You meet other friendly runners: You might not know them by name, but if you stay at a hotel for a few days and go running, odds are you’re going to see the other people that run in the morning. Sometimes you’ll just exchange a polite nod, other times you’ll end up covering a few miles together and getting in a fun conversation.


It takes away from the vacation diet guilt: Let’s face it- no one eats healthy while they’re on vacation. When I get up and log a few miles every morning, I feel much better about the booze and deep fried goodness I’ll likely consume that day.


Have a great 4th everyone, and I’ll see you all next Friday!


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