Running Makes Me Happy

Some days it’s that easy.

Today it’s really that simple. Sometimes I forget how much I love running. When you have a training schedule or are coming off of an injury, it can seem a little daunting to get out there. There are days when you feel like crap, wonder why you do it and just want to hop on a spin bike or lay out your yoga mat for your workout. Then there’s the past couple days.

Saturday’s disastrous “Long Run” made me nervous for the remaining 15 weeks of my Newport Marathon training. Huffing and puffing on a two miler doesn’t bode well for the half marathon in Jamestown in July, never mind the 26.2 in October. When I set out Monday evening for my 1.5 miler around the cemetery I was cautiously optimistic. I was also immediately put into a good mood by an adorable little boy who was standing at his grandfather’s grave with his dad. He was telling Papa about his day, school and what his plans for the summer were. Keep in mind I was not being a creep and staring at them, I just happened to overhear all of this while I was stretching nearby. The little boy then said “Oh, and I got in trouble today because I pushed Tyler. Don’t worry, you wouldn’t like him either so it’s OK”. It took every ounce of restraint in me not to run over and hug this kid for being so cute.

It could have been the good mood that the little guy put me in, but when I started running it just felt… good. Not the “I’m going to do a Forest Gump run across country!” good, but the “This is comfortable and helping me clear my mind” type of good. I even left the cemetery and headed back around to the entrance I came through on the main road with the large hill. I felt great, and even got the illusive negative split I’ve been working on. I know, for 1.7 miles, huge accomplishment. I will continue to congratulate myself on it. Deal with it.

1.7 on a scheduled 1.5- Yeah, I’m an overachiever…

Yesterday was insanely busy as I was offsite for work at a photo shoot all day. I was on my feet all day running around and could not have been happier about that. I really hate sitting down all day long. I try to stand as much as possible but most days I spend at least 6 hours locked to my desk trying to get stuff done. The lunchtime walks are helping. It’s pouring out today so I’m not going to get one in, and that makes me kind of sad.

I was a little worried that after all that running around my legs would have been slightly exhausted for my scheduled run last night. Once again, I surprised myself. Negative split, big hills and finished strong.

Feels good.

I don’t know if it’s the two months of “rest” paying off. Maybe it’s the new types of cross training improving my strength. Most likely it’s the refreshed mindset that’s powering me through. I rested, I recovered and I’m taking it day by day. I know I’ll have rough runs in the future, but I’ll remind myself of runs like these that make me excited for my next workout.

What great workouts have you had lately? How long does the high usually last? 


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