A New Routine

This weekend reminded me why summer is without a doubt the best season that there is, and also why I think I’m destined to move to a warmer climate. People are just happier when it’s warm and sunny. Seasonal Affective Disorder is real. Even in Boston people are just nicer from June through September. It takes a lot for Bostonians to be nice.

When I woke up Saturday morning and realized I had completely slept through the spin class I was hoping to get to at 7am I figured it was probably for the best. I had my “long run” to get through. All 2 miles of it. I mocked this run in my head all morning. “Please,” I thought. “It’s two miles. A few months ago I was running 19 milers and feeling pretty good by the end of them, muscle memory doesn’t fade that quickly.”

Once again, wrong! I did my favorite 2 mile loop in the cemetery and by mile 1.3 I thought I was going to die.

The view did not help how I was feeling.

My lungs burned, my legs hurt and I couldn’t keep up my 9:38 pace to save my life. This return to a training schedule is no doubt needed, but at least I reaffirmed that the beginner schedule was the right choice. On the up side, my knee didn’t bug me at any point. When a run is that bad you have to look for the small victories.

Since I didn’t exactly kill any goals fitness wise this weekend, I decided to set some new personal ones. Summer is usually a time of new habits: going to the beach, patio dinners and learning to not get sea sick on the boat all over again. I decided with the new habits I’d try to create a new morning routine which will hopefully help me cut a few things out of my diet and budget I’ve been meaning to lately.

At 26 years old, I’m determined to get out of mom’s house before my 27th birthday. I have some money in the bank, and there’s a few condos that are pretty much calling my name. I want to live alone for at least 6 months and get that truly independent feeling people say is amazing. Having never truly experienced this myself, we’ll see how I feel about it when it comes. But, even though the real estate market is historically low right now and it’s considered “cheap” to buy, I still want to save as much money as humanly possible.

That’s where this cutback comes in. For health and for budget I’m foregoing coffee and bagels in the morning (one weekdays) until October 1. This could be hell. I’m not sure. I know my body should not be dependent on caffeine to help me feel awake and alive. I also don’t need to eat a bagel every single day. Carbs are good, but there are other forms. My office keeps plenty of cereal here, and Special K is actually pretty delicious. And free.

As for coffee, I really don’t want to need it anymore. I don’t enjoy the thought that the headache I get if I don’t have my morning coffee is my body physically reacting to a lack of caffeine. That cannot be good. I’m also trying to drink my body weight in ounces of water every day after reading a thousand and one articles about how good it is for you. Take out coffee and add water should make this a little easier.

By my calculations, I’ll be saving myself 500 calories, and $5.32 every day. That adds up (or subtracts) pretty quickly. I’m not sure how I will feel about this by Friday, but I’m convinced it’s a healthy choice. And if I’m going to be living alone I’m going to have to learn this whole “sacrifice” thing.

I guess growing up isn’t as fun as Friends made it out to be. Damn you Rachel, you made it look so easy!

Have you changed up your routine lately? What are you cutting out or adding in?


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