Back to Basics

I don’t know what the weather is like where you are, but here in Boston is it cold, rainy and overall not in any way offering motivation to get out of bed in the morning. It has been like this for the past 3 days and it did not help me do anything of any note this weekend. Other than napping. I took 3 naps on Saturday. I wish that was an exaggeration. I put in a load of laundry, took a nap. Paid some bills. Took a nap. Then I got my traditional day before a training schedule starts pedicure. And then took a nap.

Obnoxiously bright.


What is motivating? Today is the official start of my training program for the Amica Marathon in Newport on October 14. In case you haven’t noticed, the past few weeks around here haven’t been filled with a lot of actual running. There’s been a lot of spin, a little yoga, some Zumba and even a try at CrossFit. All of these made me respect different types of workouts and excited to build some new cross training into my schedule, but more than anything they made me miss running. I think after the way my Boston training season ended I needed a mental break as badly as I needed a physical one.

Two months without a training schedule and I feel more refreshed than I ever have and ready to start training. I’m taking what I learned from my last training cycle and applying it to this one…

I Need To Take Nutrition More Seriously: I am terrible about saying “I’m training for a marathon, of course I can eat a massive amount of mac and cheese”. Yes Caitlin, I partially blame you for this. But I always feel the difference in my workouts when I eat cleaner, healthier meals.

Hot dog mac and cheese, crabcakes, fries and wine is not a well balanced meal. I should realize this.


I Have to Lean to Negative Split: For more than a 3 mile run. I’m terrible at this. I need to learn to pace myself, and to power through feeling tired. I can just say “Of course the second half will be slower” any more.

I Will Be More Accountable: Every run matters.  I will get tired. I will be sore. Not hurt, but sore. I will not always want to wake up at 5:30 to get in my run before work. But I want to win this bet, and I’m going to give it everything I’ve got.


Tonight I will run 1 mile. That’s right. One. Mile.

I’m taking the beginner schedule that my wonderful Miles for Miracles coaches gave us at the beginning of last season. Coming off of an injury and two months of not a lot of running, I don’t want to kill myself in the beginning.

I asked Jim what his training plan was for this, and he said “I’ll start training a month of so before if I have time.” Well, that’s one way to go about it. Part of me thinks he’s sneaking in 15 mile runs and not telling me. The other part of me really hopes he decides to skip the whole training thing and makes this easy for me. I guess we’ll find out. He’s certainly not taking the nutrition thing very seriously.

No fork? He doesn’t let that get in his way.


What Fall races are you training for? Any races coming up between now and then you’ll be using as a baseline? Jamestown anyone?


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