The Week Ahead

Happy Monday! Do those really exist? It’s going to be an exceptionally busy and stressful week for me. Work is absolutely insane this week, I’m trying to run early in the morning and spin at night, and I need to find time to pre-cook some healthy meals because ordering out every day needs to end.

This morning getting up early was an epic fail. I’d love to someone else for this, but it was a 50/50 blame situation. The snooze was just too tempting. This weekend was spent bonding with a spin bike (I think I’m in love again), hanging with my best friends at the beach and watching Jim ride his dirtbike and not get hurt. Overall- great success.

Saturday spin class was the stuff fitness dreams are made of. Awesome soundtrack, awesome instructor and I felt like a million bucks when I didn’t feel like absolute and complete death. It’s amazing to me that I can run an abnormal distance for a human on a semi regular basis, but 15 minutes on the spin bike has me drenched in sweat and gasping for air. I love it.

Today also marks 2 weeks until Memorial Day. Summertime is the best time of year, though every year I always feel like I should have spent more time focusing on diet and trying to lose a few before bikini season kicks off. I am notorious for using the “I’m in training, I can eat whatever I want” approach to diets. Not so much. I’m trying to work on this. While trying to correct some of the damage I did over the winter I read that you should drink your body weight in ounces of water every day. Has anyone else tried this? I drink a lot of water as it is (2-3 liters on an average day). Attempting that 4th liter is one of the hardest things I’ve ever tried. I had to pee every 5 minutes. That is not an exaggeration. How do people work, exercise, sleep or otherwise function without the constant need to pee? Someone tell me!

So this week is going to consist of clear-er eating, morning runs and nighttime spin classes. Sandwiched in between lots of stressful work days. I’m going to be a bucket of fun by Thursday I’m sure. Good times.

What are your fitness goals for the week? Long run? New class? New recipe? Let’s hear it!


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