Newport Just Got Intense

Happy Wednesday Everyone! Last week I took the rest of the week to put the past 5 months behind me. With that said, I’m looking to the future, and I just realized my race schedule for the next few months is a little intense…


May 6- The Providence Half Marathon The first event in the United Healthcare Triple Crown series. I’m not exactly in it to win it, but I would like to have a respectable time for the series. With my recent month off, this one looks like my biggest challenge.

June 5- The Abington Half Marathon This is how my hometown is choosing to celebrate their 300 year anniversary. And the course goes past my house. Can’t really say no to this, huh?

July 12- Corporate Challenge 3.5 mile fun run with the company. Considering I’m team captain, I should probably do this.

July 14- Jamestown Half Marathon The second event in the Triple Crown and the one I’m actually the most excited about. I love Jamestown. And I’m going to the Jason Aldean concert that night. Should be an interesting day to say the least.

July 21- The Color Run A 5K where I get covered in fun colors and Caitlin is going to run with me? Sold!

October 14- The Newport Marathon The big one. And now I have a running buddy for it. More to come on that…


That means in 11 days I have a half marathon. I originally planned to be coming off of Boston for this race, but now I’m trying to build back up to where I was a month ago. Last night I went for my first run in exactly one month. The original plan was for me to run last Friday and see how I felt, but I caught my annual weather change, body freak out, this could be the plague cold. It wasn’t pleasant. It left me a lot of time to lay on my couch and try to figure out exactly how long Jessica Simpson has been pregnant. My calculations put her at 11 months, easily. Poor girl.

Anyways, exactly one month seemed like a good amount of time to have off. It was more than time to get back at it.  So, with every possible ailment, injury, bad attitude and problem behind me, I drove to the gym to go for a careful mile on the treadmill. That’s right- one mile. On the treadmill. I thought about when I first started running and getting through one mile was a huge goal for me. There are a lot of people who still can’t run one mile. And boy did I run my one mile.

The drop in mileage makes me sad. But logging any mileage makes me happy.

Needs some work. No one is denying that. But, I got my mile, I could have kept going, and nothing hurt. I’m taking it.

There’s also a new incentive for me to push it a little harder tonight. Last Friday Jim started talking a big game, so there’s a new incentive for Newport. Jim (who has never run more than a 5K in his life) has challenged me to race Newport against him. With 5,000 other runners, we’ll be racing against each other. If I win, he’s taking me on vacation anywhere I want to go. If he wins, he wants cash. I think cash is boring, so we’re working on something else. TBD.

So that’s today, and tomorrow you may hear about another run. Imagine that…


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