I’m Down, But Certainly Not Out!

It’s been a crazy two weeks. I won’t bore you with the depressing details, so here are the basics:

– My doctor said there is nothing drastically wrong with my knee. Just the basic overuse ITB issues, and there is nothing I can do but rest, foam roll and wear these lovely anti-inflammatory patches. They’re the latest in sexy legwear, in case you were wondering.

Sexy. I know.

– I took the above advice as “Sure Brit, go run that 21 miler on Saturday. You’ll be fine”. This was obviously not the case. 7 miles in my knee decided to scream at me and call me a bunch of bad names until I stopped. That’s right, sweeper car got some action in the form of me sadly limping over to it 7 miles in. Sad day.

– After I could bend my knee (that took about 12 hours), I decided to heed the advice of doctors, runners, and really anyone with common sense. I took a rest week. I have since been spending my time getting reacquainted with the elliptical, hitting up Yoga and overall not stressing my leg out. It’s not been my favorite thing to do, but since I can walk and move my leg without a slight pain, I guess it’s working. You win this time sound medical advice. 

– I got a root canal yesterday. It feels like I was punched in the face by a rather large, unhappy, Russian in my mind man. Not fun.

– I also fell down an entire flight of stairs. Which lead to the following proclamation from my brother.

Thanks Creamer. Love you too.

– Silver Lining to all this: during this time, which I’m referring to as a “really hardcore taper!”, I got a really cool offer. I’m very excited to have the opportunity to be a blog ambassador for the United Healthcare Triple Crown! 3 half marathons over 5 months along some of the most beautiful scenery in New England sounded amazing, and races on the calendar make me happy. The Newport Marathon is also the third and final race of the series- added bonus.

So that’s what you’ve missed in the past 2 weeks. I would have written more, but it would have been all angst-y and whiny, and no one wants to hear that. More than anything I’m really excited that Boston is ALMOST HERE. And by excited, I obviously mean terrified and panicky. You know, excited feelings.

Tomorrow I will have favorite things, and after Saturday I will hopefully even have a run to write about. Imagine that.

Happy Thursday Everyone! How’s everyone feeling with Boston 11 days out? Nervous? Excited? On the verge of tears? No, last one just me? Cool.


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