Spring Brings Good Things

Happy first day of Spring! It’s almost as exciting as the first day of fall for runners, right? After yesterday’s down an out post was posted, my day got remarkably better. First? Peyton Manning is now a Denver Bronco. I can live with this. He has a team, I know someone who lives in the city of his new team, and yes, I am going for opening weekend. Already decided. There is a 3pm press conference, one which I will not cry while watching, and I’m excited about that.

Thank you ESPN.com for this amazing visual.

What also happened yesterday? I got an appointment with my doctor for tomorrow afternoon at 5pm. As usual, his secretary was super sweet and got me in as soon as possible. Having worked for a Neurologist in the past, I know how stressful the life of a medical secretary can be. Everyone thinks their ailment is worse than everyone else’s, and you’re left to make the decisions about what is an emergency and what can wait. Sitting at my desk now I regularly use the phrase “It’s not life and death guys”. Well, in that setting it is. I give anyone who works in the healthcare field all the credit in the world for dealing with patients on a regular basis. You are a better, more compassionate, stronger person than I am. Kudos. And for the woman who understood my urgency and said “Oh no, that’s only a month away. Better get you in and fixed up ASAP”, you are my savior. I will reward you with Marylous tomorrow.

I also spent a good deal of time emailing back and forth with Jeff and Sarah about how to handle this weekends 21-miler. We have come up with the following plan: Ideally, I will get the all clear from my doctor to give it a shot. Less than ideally, I will spend 3 hours on the elliptical. I’m really, REALLY, hoping for an all clear. And a cortisone shot. Both of those would be awesome.

Whatever makes my knee not look like this.

Looking forward to the rest of the week, I’m excited to get a clear plan of action for the weekend, and celebrate our last long run with my teammates. You develop a serious sense of camaraderie with people when you have the shared experience of sacrificing Friday nights, waking up early on Saturday mornings and logging double digit runs through one of the toughest marathon courses for 4 straight months. I’ve thought about what I’m going to do with my Saturday mornings once April 17th rolls around, and to be honest, I’m going to miss the team training runs. I’m sure more than a few tears will be shed at the last one.

Knowing that 4 weeks from today I’ll be recapping how Boston went is slightly terrifying to me. I am looking forward to racing instead of training, and to having a month of running whatever distance feels right and whatever pace I feel like. But I know the Boston Hangover is going to be a tough one. Just hoping no one finds me on a roof somewhere….

How are you celebrating Spring fever? Cleaning? Running? Beaching (in March! Crazy!)?


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