Bad Timing

Sometimes things in life are timed perfectly. Tax returns coming just in time to plan a summer vacation or invest in an updated wardrobe. The break in the hot weather just before a race. Your favorite work out song coming on the radio just as you’re pulling up to team practice. All good things.

Other times, the timing is so awful you feel as if some cruel power at be planned it just to ruin whatever it is you were looking forward to. Like when the 34 day sunny streak last summer ended the day we left to go camping, and we canoed down the Saco River in a monsoon for two days.

It was fun, but it rained. A lot.

This weekend could have been a case of perfect timing. Friday afternoon I looked at my inbox and found this little gem.

Oh hey Bib number, I've been waiting for you.


Sadly, this appears to be one of those terrible cases of timing. Late last week my right leg started bugging me. It wasn’t pain, but there was just a general feeling of uncomfortableness stemming from my knee. The outside of it, kind of resonating up and down. I assume this is my IT band flaring up again, which is something I dealt with last year. I thought this was behind me, but still, I took it easy late last week and Saturday just to be conscious of it and hopefully give it time to heal itself of whatever decided to make it mad. Since retail therapy solves most things in my life, I went to Marathon Sports and abused the 20% team discount they were offering that day.


Finishers jacket and the sneakers I will wear on Race Day. It was a dorky runners Christmas.

I enjoyed the weekend of St. Patty’s festivities and general Irish-ness with my favorite Polish family. They take holidays very seriously. All of them. I even met this little guy, who I may or may not have thought about kidnapping.

His name is Kuna. Like "Hakkuna Mattata"

After the St. Patty’s festivities were done and over with I thought “Ok, let’s go out, just for a few miles and see how it feels”.

Well, it felt terrible. Two miles in it was uncomfortable despite the knee brace, then at mile 3- Boom! The feeling went from uncomfortable to painful with one bad step. I stopped, frozen in my tracks on the side of the road. Boston is 4 weeks from today. This can’t be serious. I stopped, I stretched, and figured “Ok, just slow and steady until I get home”. Nope. Two more steps and I realized this is not just a cramp that will subside. I got home, limped to the freezer and spent the next hour like this.


Hey ice pack, looks like we're going to be friends again.

The evening was spent in bed, with lots of ice packs and lots of nervous WebMD-ing. To be completely honest, I’m terrified right now. I’ve put in so much work and prep for Boston over the past 4 months, and to have to deal with this right now is just not what I thought the week before the 21-miler was going to be. I know life doesn’t go as planned, and what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger (thanks Kelly Clarkson), but there are certain times when I need to hope for the best because the alternative just isn’t a possibility to me. Not this time. I dropped out of Chicago 2011 because of injury, and I never planned to do it again.

Obviously my first phone call this morning was to my doctor, and I’m hoping his nice secretary will hear the desperation in my voice when she checks her messages this morning. After talking to some friends who have been through similar injuries close to race day, their recommendation so far has been to ask for a Cortisone shot. I’m normally not a huge fan of this idea because I know it’s just going to make the problem itself worse, but if it’s between racing on a so-so knee and dropping out of Boston with 4 weeks to go- shoot me up doc.

I’m very unnerved by this whole thing, and I just want to get to a doctor and see what’s wrong.

Has anyone ever had a cortisone shot? Good results, bad, indifferent? Help!


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