No Excuses

Today is about no excuses. Spring is officially here, Peyton is all smiles in press conferences again, and I’m getting over my “I’m just so tired and need to work my training schedule around that” and getting up and at ‘em with 5 and a half weeks to go until Boston. That’s right, I’m feeling motivated today.

Yesterday was my rest day, so I took the opportunity to eat a pastrami sandwich and catch up on this weeks Biggest Loser. I really do love this show. To watch people who have never led an active lifestyle, or who faced a horrific circumstance which forced them to have to give up an activity that they loved; regain their strength and motivation to become healthier people and lead more active lives is just flat out inspiring. Seeing Dolvett in tights this week didn’t hurt either. I normally watched on the treadmill on Tuesday nights, but seeing as I gave up treadmills for Lent, I had to Hulu it last night. I’ve realized it’s great to watch at night because you feel remarkably guilty going for the late night snack after you just watched someone lose 90lbs in 10 weeks.

Now, as I’ve mentioned I’ve been kind of struggling to get up early lately. Which is a problem I’ve never really had before. I am blaming it on the training for the most part, but I think I was also using the training as an excuse to get away with it. So this morning was my own version of “No Excuses” (this season’s Biggest Loser theme). Yes, getting out the door by 5:45 to get in 5 miles before work is tough. Even in the gorgeous spring weather we had today, it was a struggle for the first half mile or so. But then I felt amazing. It’s like that picture I found on Pinterest says…


It might hurt at the time, but damn it feels good after

Today I also start my double sessions. From now until June I’ll aim to have 3 days a week where I run in the morning and do a class at night. I really like the classes my gym offers, and marathon training has forced me to cut some of them out because I was running at night instead of in the mornings. No more. Morning runs, followed by more yoga, more Spin/Muscle Tone Mix, more Zumba. I don’t know why, but Zumba always makes me feel super motivated. The class I go to has all ages (18-65) and it’s great to see a lot of the women excited to be there because they don’t feel pressure like they do in other classes. It’s a bunch of girls dancing around for an hour thinking we look super sexy but really probably looking ridiculous. And I kind of love that.

The other part of this “No Excuses” route is to stop saying “I’m in marathon training, of course I can eat whatever I want”. This is just not true. Eat like crap, you will feel like crap. Plain and simple. I prepped all the healthy food on Sunday, so that has made meal planning super easy, but it doesn’t do anything to turn down that brownie that stared me in the face at work yesterday. Sure, I could eat the brownie. But I shouldn’t be surprised when the number on the scale doesn’t change next week.

Oh Kate, you're so wise. Like an anorexic buddah, covered in Versace.

So with that, I’m off to kickstart my super-motivated day. But not without leaving you with the “Peyton Manning Farewell Song” that a co-worker sent to me this morning. And just when I thought I’d make it through today without tears…

How do you stay motivated? What excuses do you find yourself using that you need to kick?


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