It’s Been A Rough Day

Ok, I’m not going to pretend it’s been a happy cheery day in my world. As I’m sure you all saw this morning, Peyton Manning was released by the Colts. Given my undying love for Peyton, this is pretty much ruined any hope of having a good day that I may have possessed when I woke up this morning.

See that confetti, Irsay? That was all Peyton.


Then came the press conference. Yes, I cried. No, I’m not proud of it. I didn’t want to get emotional, then Peyton started talking about how much he loves the city of Indianapolis, how we all need to put into perspective that this is just football, everyone’s real attention should go to the victims of the recent tornadoes and how he plans to help them. Come on! You’re being kicked out of the city by the evil Jim Irsay, and you take the time to say how concerned you are about the tornado victims? You, Peyton Manning, are the classiest man alive. And I love you. Have I mentioned that lately?


Don't be sad.

So, with all this bad news, I had to come up with some good news. And here it is: I picked a Fall marathon. That’s right! A lot of thought and a few more pro/con list comparisons, and I picked…


The Newport Marathon! It was a hard choice, so don’t worry Marine Corp, I’ll be there in 2013. But when it came down to it my heart was with Newport. It’s close to home, one of my favorite cities, and if I’m really feeling motivated over the summer I can drive down there and take a pass or two at the actual course.


So, there you have it. There will be a lot of tears today (mostly from me) and I will be wearing my old school Tennessee Jersey to bed tonight to make myself feel better. In case you were wondering.

Is anyone else as sad as I am about this Peyton stuff? Someone, anyone?


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