Favorite Things Friday: Peyton Makes Me Happy

Running wise, it’s been a great week. Since my unexpectedly snowy and speedy long run last weekend, I decided to turn up the pace on my shorter training runs during the week. It’s paid off. I feel great, and I feel more confident than ever that Boston is going to be a great race for me.

Tomorrow is 14 miles along the Charles River with the Miles for Miracles team. If you happen to be out running along the river tomorrow I doubt you’ll miss us. Really, we all got our singlets in the mail last night.

Yeah, you certainly won't miss us.

It’s Friday, and if you’re new around here, it’s Favorite Things Friday. I take a few minutes to go all Oprah-esque and share with you my favorite things. On this weeks list…


Peyton Manning: Being from Massachusetts it’s not easy to defend my love of Peyton Manning. Especially this season. It’s OK Peyton, you’ll be back, and I still love you just as much.


What, that last play was for me? Thanks Peyton, love you too.

For all the great football Peyton has given us over the past 13 years, how can you not love him? On top of that, he’s given us some of the greatest football commercials ever to grace the airwaves. These are my favorites:


–       Football Cops (even though Eli is in it, I still love it)

    Priceless Pep Talks with Peyton Manning

–      Where he acts like a superfan


Nike+ Levels: I started using Nike+ at the beginning of marathon training to track my runs, and it’s been amazing. One of my favorite features is the different levels you can reach based on overall mileage. Last night, my 3 mile run was enough to bump me up to Green. Turns out, the whole interface changes when you hit a new level. It’s certainly a dorky thing to get excited about, but it kind of made my night.

It's very St. Patricks Day-esque


Training Blisters: Now how could this be one of my favorite things? The way I look at it, the more blisters I get during training, the fewer I will get during the marathon itself. Right? Right. I developed a few new ones this week, and I’m trying to just accept them. It’s been a painful attempt.


Yurbuds: Yurbuds are the greatest headphones ever created. This is not a joke. I bought them about a year ago, and I have never once had to adjust them while running. Through rain, snow, sleet and wind, these things do not budge. Ever. They’re a little on the pricey side, but they are worth every single penny.


Enjoy your weekend everyone! Xoxo


Am I missing something? What are your favorite things this week?


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