Friday is My Favorite

It’s Friday. And on Fridays French Toast cupcakes are a perfectly acceptable breakfast food. At least when one of your co-workers is 5 months pregnant.

Ali has worked her cupcake magic!

Today was a good Friday from the moment I woke up. Turned on my iTunes and the Glee version of “Uptown Girl” started my day off with just the right amount of dorky pep. I’m not a fan of Glee most of the time (a little too much Journey for me), but you can’t tell me that cute boys in blazers singing “Uptown Girl” doesn’t put you in a good mood (if you are a heterosexual male, this comment obviously does not apply to you).

So to share my joy, I present to you my Favorite Things this Friday…

Cupcakes: There are few things that can turn a bad day around like a good cupcake. It’s already perfectly portioned, and can be shaped to look like various things. My beloved Ali   made these fabulous “Cookie Monster” cupcakes for my birthday this year that not only looked adorable, but were filled with booze. Now that’s love.

Filled with love. And vodka. Lots of vodka.

Morning Runs: I live in Massachusetts. In case you’re not from these parts, it gets cold. Really cold. My bed is really warm, and the idea of getting up an hour early in order to get in a “quick” 6 miles before work in sub zero temperatures is not always the most appealing idea. But once I’ve parted from my bed and hit the pavement it makes my whole day better. I get to work already feeling productive and having the endorphins flowing for early morning meetings makes everything seem a little better.

Training Plans: Plans make me happy. I like lists, organization and plans, so much so it causes issues when I don’t have one. I’m a tad OCD- oh well. But this morning I woke up and my lovely coaches for the Miles for Miracles team emailed me a full training plan, along with dates, times and locations for team long runs. Just looking at this makes me feel less anxious about training. I love them already.

I carry this everywhere. That's how much I love plans.

What are you favorite things today?

Happy Friday! xoxo


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