Thankful for Thanksgiving

Turkey trots are approaching, the Christmas decorations have been up in any location where shopping may occur for about a month, and I’ve been craving a cold turkey and stuffing sandwich for about two weeks. Yup, it’s Thankgiving!

For those of you who love fat-kid food as much as I do, there is one dish in particular I can’t wait to try to recreate this weekend. I present to you, the Stuffpuppy.


My love of foods like this explains why I learned to love running.

Deep fried stuffing, mashed potatoes and potato chips. Yes please. The only way I can picture this being better is with a side of gravy for dipping. I can’t wait to try this. I’ll have pictures, I promise.


But back to the “real” meaning of Thanksgiving. I’m a lucky, lucky girl. I realize this on a regular basis, but my favorite thing about Thanksgiving is being able to tell the people you love how much you love them without sounding like a drunken crazy-person. My family and friends realize I’m very thankful for them, so we’re going to dismiss them from this list. So, to celebrate my favorite day of the year, here is what I’m especially Thankful for in 2011:


Thanksgiving– Yes, I’m thankful for Thanksgiving. I’m thankful that someone thought we should celebrate the Pilgrims coming to America by stuffing our faces with some of the most delicious and unhealthy foods you can imagine. There is no other day of the year I allow myself to feel guilt free for creating a mashed potato volcano filled with gravy and peas. Taking the crispy sausage stuffing off the back of the turkey within minutes of it coming out of the oven? Mom knows this has been my thanksgiving day breakfast since I was 12. No one else eats it anyways…


My Health– There’s nothing like being out with an injury to make you appreciate being healthy again. Running for Children’s Hospital has also made me stop and realize how lucky I am to be healthy. Knowing that there are kids who have to deal with illness should make everyone appreciate their own health and the healthy kids around them so much more.


My Crazy Boyfriend: Yes, I tell him he’s an insane person more than one probably should. But it’s ok, because our friends and his family do too. So it’s not just me. As insane as he is, I love him more than anything. We’re certainly not the most conventional couple anyone has ever met (we’re told this on a regular basis); but we’re also one of the happiest I’ve ever know (we’re also told his pretty regularly too). So as much as I love to harass him for making my life more difficult, he also makes it exponentially better and I love him for it. Just don’t tell him, may give him a big(ger) head.

Getting him to smile in photos is a rare occasion.


Boston Marathon Entry: I know there are a ton of awesome, dedicated runners who applied to various charities and weren’t selected. And that really stinks. I’m incredibly grateful and humbled that I was picked to run. And as nervous as I am to have to raise all this money, knowing that it’s going to help kids puts a smile on my dorky face.


So there you are my friends. My Thankful things post. What are you thankful for? Whatever it is, let them know. Even if it’s an inanimate object. Just because it feels good.


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