Favorite Things Friday

First and foremost…

In case you were wonder- yes i screamed when I saw it. But really quietly so no one at work would notice me sneaking away to celebrate in the hall.

I’m IN!! That’s right. Apparently if you write about how much you hate waiting to hear back, the marathon powers will be sure to send you an email the following afternoon alerting you of your fate. I’m SO excited to be running for Children’s Hospital Boston I really can’t even explain it  (awesome writing skills, right?). I have worked with the Childrens Hospital Trust through my job and am constantly in awe of the amazing work that they do to further pediatric medicine not only in Boston but around the world. They really are an amazing organization and I’m so excited to be running on their team. Ahhh!

Now that that’s out of the way, back to today. Friday.Favorite Things Friday to be exact. I don’t know if you’re familiar with her blog, but if you don’t read Ali On The Run you really should. She’s an amazing runner/writer/battler of Crohn’s Disease in NYC. Love her. Ali-if you see this- let’s be friends. But to get you up to speed on why this is relevant (other than her awesome-ness), she has this great feature called “Thankful Thursdays” that I’ve always loved. But alas, Thursdays are just a little too busy from me to commit to posting every week. Training runs in the morning, work, then class at night. Posts probably just aren’t gonna happen. Sorry.

While there is plenty in my life I’m thankful for, I also have a lot of favorite things. A lot. So, I’ll leave Ali to her thankfulness and share with you my favorite things on Fridays. Then you should share yours. I love favorites. Deal? Sweet.

Penguins. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, if you don’t think penguins are adorable then I just don’t trust you. Sorry. Look at these little guys! Love love love.

This is love. Right here.

Sneakers that are perfectly broken in. I hate breaking in new running sneakers. I think it’s one of the worst phases of training. However, getting a couple miles into a run and realizing that your sneakers have suddenly morphed from firm pieces of rubber to the perfectly supportive yet cushion-y goodness they were intended to be? Heaven.

Veuve Cliquot Yellow Label Champagne. Nothing says happiness like champagne. And nothing says “Big Deal” like good champagne. I’m all for the $7 bottle(s) of prosecco on the couch with my girlfriends, but you save the good stuff for life’s big moments. Graduation. Getting a job. Quitting a bad job. Marathons. Veuve is reserved for the big moments. It doesn’t mean I love you any less strawberry Andre, it just means this is a bigger deal than Friday night pizza (another favorite).

So, what are you Favorite Things this Friday?


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